Central Arkansas Retrocade Coming Soon

That’s right! We are finally going to get a retrocade! And it is being brought to us by Daniel Solis and Terry South, the same guys that have brought the Classic Gaming Association to life and given us a taste of the classic arcade experience. These guys have the knowledge, experience, and will to make this project a success and I for one cannot wait to experience this classic.

Check out this article published by Sync last month to learn a little more about the guys and their vision. You can also check the guys out on YouTube and Facebook.

I encourage anyone who is in the area to pitch in whatever you can to help make Z82 the best retrocade it can be. And if you aren’t in the area considering pitching in a couple of bucks anyways. The classic arcade experience should be preserved so that others can have a chance to know what it was like to walk¬†among¬†all of those lights and sounds to pick the game you were going to play.



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