Pictures from Robert E Howard Days 2011

Amy had a great time taking pictures during our trip to and from Cross Plains for Howard Days. Here are some of my favorites.

This was the first Half-Price Books we stopped at on the way there. This is in Ft. Worth, TX.

This is a mural painted on the side of the Cross Plains Library. Amy took this from the back of a trailer while on the guided tour of Cross Plains Friday morning.

This is Rusty Burke, one of the founding members of Howard days and a leader in the REH fan community. This was taken during the same guided tour.

These are some quick shots of the front of the Howard House which is now been restored and is a museum run by volunteers from Project Pride.

This is a shot of me with Philip J Reed of Steve Jackson Games. I met Mr. Reed via Twitter and had the pleasure of being able to pick his brain a little over lunch at Jean’s Feed Barn in Cross Plains.

This is a shot of Amy and Rusty Burke. That is one tall guy. I had to back up quite a ways to be able to get at least this much of the two of them in the shot.

Just a few of the Howard books and magazines on display at the Cross Plains library. Would love to get a copy of that Weird Tales featuring Howard’s story “Red Nails”.

Here is a link to the full album with over 225 pictures. More will be added soon.

Howard Days 2011
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