Review – Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1

Dale C McCoy Jr of Jon Brazer Enterprises is no stranger here and his latest Pathfinder RPG release, Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1, marks another excellent entry to the company lineup alongside other bestsellers such as Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building and Book of the Faithful: The Power of Prayer. Where topics such as nation building/governance and divine feats have been covered previously, Dale now ventures forth into the realm of magic unveiling an array of 31 new spells for twelve different classes to add to your favorite caster’s arsenal. Not only that, but HeroLab users get access to a source file to import the spell data right into the program for use with your characters. I love extra’s and I know you do too, so let’s dive right on in.

This pdf weighs in at 12 pages with two pages dedicated to the front and back covers in full color (black and white interior). I love the book motif used for the covers. It is the perfect choice consider the topic at hand.

Once we get inside there is one title page with the credits and one page inside the back cover with an ad for other JBE products. So if you have been keeping count that puts our number of content pages at eight. And boy are they brimming with content.

As I stated earlier, there are thirty one spells contained within these pages. Of those thirty one only two are empowered renditions of SRD spells. The other twenty nine are all new creations, most of which embody a great deal of flavor just in their names. With names such as “Leighanna’s Bewitching Appearance” and “Rostov’s Snake Strike” you can imagine that they are quite unique in their function and you would be correct. Each spell is well detailed in addition to the standard stat block.

If I had one wish, however, it would have been to see some flavor text accompanying each spell. Perhaps some background or a simple description of its effects would have lent just a little more uniqueness to the mix. However the simple lack of flavor text does act as a catalyst to spark one’s imagination and I know as an experienced gamemaster I’ve already envisioned a certain back story for each of the character tentatively revealed herein.

In summary, this is a great compilation of unique and thematic spells that would be a perfect addition to any player or gamemaster’s arsenal. The crunch is well balanced and there is just enough flavor there to really spark the imagination and stir the cauldron of possibilities. If you want some unique magic to toss in your game, you won’t go wrong giving this book a look.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free of charge by the publisher.