2 comments on “One Year Anniversary: Contest Four

  1. I’m subscribed on YouTube and Twitter. Enter me!

    I used to play MvC1 and my team on there was Captain America and Strider. The ideal team for me would be Captain America, Strider and Jin Saotome, but they probably won’t add Jin to 3.

  2. Hi Alfred. It’s a neat site you have here. I found out about you via PCEFX. I have seen a couple of your vids here on this site. Good stuff. My favorite line-up has always been Ryu and Wolverine. I have played MvC 3 at a local arcade near me. I really liked using Zero from Mega Man X. He is pretty easy to use and he looks wickedly cool wielding his saber. Maybe I would add him to my dream team too. 🙂

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