2 comments on “Game Pickups 02/26/2012

  1. Hello Alfred

    My name is Colton Jansen, and I am a graphic designer (also an avid gamer) with the dream of making a video game someday…so recently I took the plunge and went for it.

    My game project is an app called “Bruno’s Balloons”. The premise of the game is to help the adorable (and clumsy) gorilla, Bruno, get back the things he loves most…his balloons. They have been stolen by the mischievous “Punky” Monkey.

    Bruno’s Balloons will be a physics based puzzle game. Each level will consist of getting Bruno from point A to point B. There will be positive objects along the way that will assist him in getting to his goal, as well as obstacles interfering. There will also be 3 balloons scattered about each level. Getting these will improve the score, or rating one gets when they finish the level, but in turn, will increase the difficulty of completion.

    We have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter to try and help raise the funds we need to get the game developed!

    We are looking for support for our project and we thought we’d send you the link to our Kickstarter Campaign. If you don’t love it, I truly thank you so much for taking to the time to view it. But if you do…I know you could be instrumental in helping make the game a reality with your support.

    Here is the link:


    I greatly appreciate your time to just read this.

    Best Regards,


    • Colton,

      Thank you for the link to your Kickstarter project. I am always interested in hearing about new indie game projects whether digital or pen & paper. I am kind of concerned that this is an Angry Birds clone just based on the description on the Kickstarter page plus screen shots. And while I liked Angry Birds for the first 10 or so hours I played it, after than it became very dull and repetitive with little challenge left. I am curious, what sets “Bruno’s Balloons” apart? I imagine



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